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You may be asking yourself? 

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That’s a great question!  And the answer is pretty simple…

First Question: Do you like FREE STUFF?

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Third Question: Do you like for other people to be the diet/fitness crash test dummy, trying new things so you don’t have to?

If you answered YES to any of the above, YOU BELONG HERE!

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You will be a part of this awesomely, dysfunctional family who are all striving towards the same goal!

Trying to balance life, work, and fitness!

Believe me, I hate the same spam email junk that I get frequently also!  For that reason, I will only update you on important updates and new blog posts.

As a subscriber bonus, I will provide you with my Top 5 Travel Fitness Tips and also a link to download 5 FREE fitness PDFs which include Diet Plans, Healthy Snack Options, Travel Fitness Checklists, and a complete HIIT Fat Loss Cardio Plan!  FREE to my new subscribers!

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