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The 10 Best iPhone Fitness Apps

Looking for the best iPhone fitness apps to help get to your goals quicker and track your fitness progress?

What is the most convenient food journal, workout journal, progress measuring tool, and motivational tool which you always have with you?

Your smartphone!  It is by far, the most convenient daily tracker you have at your disposal.

10 Best iPhone Fitness Apps

Top 10 iPhone Fitness Apps!

In this blog post, I will break down the top iPhone apps (many, but not sure if all will apply to Android) that I personally use for my daily fitness goals.  These will be broken down into categories such as workout tracking, run/cycle tracking, food tracking, motivation and utility apps.

Think about it, most people have their smart phone on them everywhere they go.  At the gym, at a restaurant, you name it and I’m sure most people have their phone with them!  Why not use this convenient piece of technology to help you stick to your fitness goals?

Each title of the app is a link you can click on to view the app details on iTunes.

Workout Tracking/Utility

If you’re not already tracking your daily workouts, you need to start!  This will help with motivation, breaking personal records, and gives you a great history of workouts to follow.

JEFIT iPhone App

    • This is the one and only (I have tried many) tool that I currently use and have used for quite a long time to track my workouts.  
    • You can modify your own routine and select specific exercises or you can even go with one of JEFIT’s predetermined workout routines.
    • If you select an exercise, this app provides you with a moving example of how to perform that specific exercise.
    • You can edit your own specific workout routines, add exercises, keep notes, and it even gives you an area to keep notes for your daily workouts.  
      • You could keep track of how you feel during a specific workout by using their notes feature.  Was the third set on dead lifts pretty difficult?

Interval Timer iPhone App

  • IntervalTimerFREE
    • This is a simple timer that allows you to program specific intervals.
    • You get the option of warm up time, low intensity time, high intensity time, and rest time.
    • This is extremely easy to use and a fantastic interval timer for High Intensity Interval Training or Kettlebell Intervals.

Food and Diet Tracking

I would recommend anyone who is trying to get in shape to begin tracking your daily food intake.  If you have never tracked your food intake before, you may be amazed by how many calories you take in on a typical day!

I recommend that you track your food and also weigh/measure your food religiously for the first 30-60 days of embarking on a new diet.  Weighing and measuring your food for a month or two will help you understand what 6oz of meat and a cup of vegetables looks like.  You can get very cheap food scales nowadays that work pretty well…

MyFitnessPal iPhone App

  • MyFitnessPalFREE

    • This is my personal favorite food tracker.
    • You can input your current stats such as weight, height, gender, etc…  This will help the app determine a ballpark of total calories you should eat to lose up to two pounds per week.
    • MyFitnessPal has just about every restaurant you can imagine pre-loaded into the app and if the particular food you are looking for is not in the app, you could always go to the restaurant’s nutritional section of their web site and manually add the food in to the app.
      • You can also save custom foods and meals into the app which is great if you consistently make the same meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Lose It iPhone App

  • LoseIt!FREE
    • Lose It! helps you set a daily calorie budget, track your food and exercise, and stay motivated to make smarter choices and achieve your goal.
    • I personally use MyFitnessPal, but have used LoseIt in the past and it is very close in functionality.  MyFitnessPal tends to have a stronger following and synchronizes easier with more ancillary devices.

Low Carb Diet Assistant iPhone App

  • Low Carb Diet Assistant – $2.99
    • Counting your daily carbohydrate intake gets old fast.  Low Carb Diet Assistant is a carb counter that does all of the work for you, so you can focus on losing weight and staying motivated.
    • I’m not sure that I would pay $2.99 (I think I got this on sale for $0.99) for this app as MyFitnessPal and LoseIt can give you the same information pretty easily.
    • I do still use this app from time to time just for a quick carb reference, but I would honestly use one of the other two over this one…


BodyShot iPhone App

  • BodyShot$2.99 (worth it)
    • My one most important iPhone app for motivation is BodyShot.
    • BodyShot allows you to take photos of yourself and attach measurements/weights to each photo.  You can take weekly photos and compare them side by side.  I personally have not found another app that does this function as well as BodyShot does…
    • Click the link below to read my blog post on progress pictures and motivation.

Cardio and Activity Tracking

RunKeeper iPhone App

  • RunKeeperFREE

    • RunKeeper can turn your phone into a personal trainer in your pocket! Track your runs, walks, bike rides, hikes, and more using the GPS in your iPhone.
    • This is a great app and is very widely used to track your runs.

Strava Cycling iPhone App

  • StravaFREE
    • Strava was deemed by Fast Company as “The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Fitness”
    • Track your rides with GPS, analyze your performance, join Challenges and see how you stack up against friends and locals.
    • I love Strava and use it personally to track my cycling performance.
      • There are “segments” loaded into many courses which can put you on a leader board depending on your performance.  It is great for motivation.

Garmin Connect

  • GarminConnectFREE (Only with use of a Garmin 510/810 cycle computer)
    • Garmin Connect™ Mobile turns your Garmin Edge 510 or 810 cycling computer into a connected device capable of sharing your activities as they happen, wirelessly uploading rides to Garmin Connect™, providing workout-relevant weather data, and downloading courses right to your device.
    • LiveTrack is a phenomenal feature that I use to let my wife know I’m not dead on the side of the road and am still moving!  haha
    • I like the ease of uploading my cycling data to the Garmin website with a push of a button when my phone is connected to my Garmin 510.

Map My Ride iPhone App

  • MapMyRide / MapMyRun – FREE
    • Turn your iPhone into the ultimate cycling computer or run tracker.
    • Easily track route, speed, distance, calories, time with audio alerts and much more!
    • Track cycling, running and over 600 types of other activities.
    • This is a great app for travelers that want to find a good cycling or running route that others have done before and saved to MapMyRide/Run.

Well, that’s what I would consider my Top 10 iPhone apps for health and fitness.  These apps are great for people of all ages and experience levels.  Travel fitness, busy folks, you name it, they all can benefit from self tracking!

If I missed one of your favorites, please let me know!  Post a comment in the boxes below and let me know what your favorite fitness apps are.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please contact me!


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