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The Importance of Progress Photos | Measurements in Weight Loss

In a Weight Loss Rut?

The combination of taking a progress photo along with measurements weekly is extremely important because sometimes you will find yourself in a body1rut. You will find that the scale is not moving and believe me, it can be extremely disheartening! When the scale doesn’t move, or maybe it even goes up a pound or two, you will realize that the progress measurements and pictures may be your only saving grace.

The Scale Will Always Fluctuate!

You may find that the scale went up because you have gained some muscle, called body recomp (this is especially common when you beginning weight training for the first time.) You have to keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat. One cubic inch of muscle will weigh more than one cubic inch of fat. Muscle is approximately 18% more dense than fat is. Due to the density, fat will also take up more physical space than muscle. When you begin weight training, you will go through what we call “beginner gains” and quickly add muscle. Tracking weekly measurements will keep you in check and allow you to not focus as much on the scale. Your weight may fluctuate, but your waist, hips, and other measurements may be decreasing. There is a reason why The Biggest Loser does weekly weigh in’s…

Track Early and Often

When I decided to start my weight loss journey, the first thing I did was take out my iPhone and take a front facing photo and a side profile photo. For this, I love to use the iPhone app called BodyShot. This app allows you to take progress photos and compare each photo you have taken. Not only does it allow progress photos, but it provides you with the option to attach measurements (I use a MyoTape Body Measure for easy measurements) and current weight to each of the photos you have taken. I routinely look back to my starting point and compare my most recent photo in their side-by-side feature. You can also ask my wife, Paige, about how religious I am with this as she loves when I pose the question of, “Do I look any different this week?”

Oh No! My Friend is Looking Through my Pictures!

Don’t sweat it… Another great feature of the Body Shot app is that you do not have to worry about someone taking your phone and viewing your half naked pictures. Body Shot allows you to password protect the app, so only you can gain access to your photos. It helps dodge a lot of awkward conversations…

Make it a Routine

I make weekly photo check in’s part of my routine. I also find that it keeps me in check when I have cheat meals (which I strongly believe in and will speak more of in a later blog). I always weigh in, take photos, and take measurements every Friday morning on an empty stomach. You should get in a routine of always weighing yourself and taking measurements at the same time/day every week. The morning is usually best, because you do not have your days worth of food and drinks hanging out in your body. It is the time of the day you will always be your lightest and holding the least amount of water.

I really feel that BodyShot for the iPhone is one of the most underrated Health & Fitness apps out there. If you find it in the iTunes store, it doesn’t have a ton of reviews, but I can vouch for the help and motivation BodyShot has provided me in my weight loss journey!

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