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The Evolution of a Dieter

In the last Trip Fitness blog post, I discussed the Top Supplements for Health and Fitness, debunked some myths, and provided my honest opinion evolution-fitnesson bodybuilding supplements.

In this blog post, I want to have a little fun. Let’s talk about the Evolution of a Dieter!

Recently I was looking back to some of my old weight loss progress pictures and started to have flashbacks of my beginning phase of dieting and how I have progressed. It made me think about each phase and how I felt during each step. I really wish I had written down more notes as I have progressed with more thoughts and feelings.

I would actually recommend for you to keep notes on your diet progress. Note things like foods that make you feel good, foods that make you feel bad, how you felt during weight training and how that correlates to how you have been eating. These notes can help you further understand your body and how it reacts to certain foods.

Without further wait, here is a Trip Fitness Confessional!

I have broken this down into 10 phases. Each was a phase in my weight loss/fitness journey. I am sure many of you can relate to these!

Phase 1: The Eager Beaver!

During this first phase, the dieter may feel like they can take on the world. I would assume at this stage, you have been rummaging fitness magazines, stalking the Health and Fitness section of Pinterest, and maybe even a book or two. YOU ARE READY TO CONQUER THE WORLD!

You jump into the diet like a young kid at a pool on a 90 degree day with no swimming lessons. Head first, full of excitement and hope!

Phase 2: What the f*** was I thinking???

During this diet phase, usually a week or two after phase 1, you realize, as my wife says, “This sh** is for the birds.” You think to yourself, “there has to be another way to get around this whole being fat thing…” DIETING SUCKS! It’s no fun trying to watch what you eat. You begin to miss your beloved chips and ice cream.

Despite this feeling, you begrudgingly move on…

Phase 3: Fine! I will keep going… but I still HATE YOU!

Stop the Insanity Img

During this phase, usually a week after phase 2, you begin to hate everything and everyone that is related to dieting and exercise. Your body is probably sore from the exercise and maybe the scale is not moving as much as you had hoped. You might be ready to give up!

Dieting tends to make you grumpy. You become short with friends and family and get a bit irritable. The deprivation of cutting out typical food luxuries and indulgences begins to catch up with you. Your excitement begins to dwindle and motivation lacks.

If you have made it to this point, I would recommend a cheat day. Let yourself have some of those items you crave, just remember not to go overboard.

Also, I cannot stress enough that you must take Weight Loss Progress Photos. It is a life saver at this phase!

Phase 4: Hey, this stuff kind of works.

Usually this phase hits around the end of the fourth week. After a month of diet and exercise, people may begin to compliment you on your appearance. You may begin hearing, “Hey, have you lost some weight recently?” That question is usually followed by “How’d you do it?” You instantly become an “expert” and can tell them anything you want.

I would mess with some people and tell them you have brought back the “Hollywood Juice Diet” from the 90’s.

Phase 5: The return of the Eager Beaver!

Now that you have received some positive feedback from your friends and family, you revert back to the Eager Beaver phase. You begin lurking Pinterest’s Health and Fitness Section, open up that Self or Men’s Health magazine and maybe even search out a few health and fitness online forums.


Phase 6: The food snob.

By the time week 6-8 comes, you probably have become a food snob. You begin dissecting the menu at a local restaurant, looking for any warning signs and areas of substitution. You may even get to the point where you have the waitress ask the cook how he prepares a certain meal, asking questions such as “is there any breading in that dish?”

This is a fantastic phase! Use this phase to the fullest extent. It is very worthwhile to become a food snob. This means you have begun to care about what you are putting into your body.

Phase 7: The Habitual Cheater!Diet Cheat Meal Img

This phase usually comes about in your third month of dieting and exercise. At this point you have probably lost a fair amount of weight and are on your way to meeting your goals. You understand the foods you should be eating and have perfected a pretty good weekly workout schedule.

This comfort you feel begins to be your enemy! You start to get comfortable. You sneak a few french fries from your kids happy meal. You tell yourself that you have worked hard for a few months and it’s time to relax a little bit.

This phase usually leads up to some sort of holiday, whether Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc… You know there will be delicious treats and you deserve to have some!

This phase usually goes horribly wrong and you binge eat for a week…


Phase 8: They say I gotta go to Rehab!

This phase usually follows the week of binge eating around a holiday. You feel guilty. You are bloated and holding a bunch of water weight! You begin to feel like all that hard work was for nothing because you feel fat again!

You join DCA (Diet Cheaters Anonymous) and begin your baby step program to get back on the bandwagon.


Phase 9: Dicurious (That’s diet curious…)

Now that you have been dieting and exercising for a solid 3-4 months at this phase. You have probably made huge progress towards your final goal. You begin to get curious…

You are curious if there are other diets out there that may be better for you. (I was in this phase, weighing Carb Cycling versus Paleo) Can another diet help you get to your goals quicker? Is there another workout routine that you could be doing for more efficient results?

Honestly, I would stick with what works… You have done something for four months and made great strides. You have become an expert in your own right. You know what and how to eat for maximum results.

I would not stray too far…

Phase 10: The Lifestyle (Finally!!)

It isn’t until phase 10 that I really understood and thoroughly enjoyed what I was doing. It took me about five months to figure this out, but now I no longer think of it as a diet, IT IS A LIFESTYLE.

I now just live a healthy lifestyle. I no longer consider myself to be “dieting”. I mostly maintain a grain free lifestyle with weekly indulgences to fend of cravings.

Working out is a lifestyle. Cardio is a lifestyle. (No one said you have to enjoy every lifestyle.) Healthy Eating is a lifestyle.

Once you have hit this phase, dieting becomes easier because it becomes just a part of your daily routine. Throw out the word, “diet” and replace it with, “lifestyle”.

You are doing this for a reason. Everyone’s reasons are different. (Mine are my health, my family and the way it makes me feel.) Live the lifestyle that you want, how you want to live it, and forget what everyone else says…

It’s your life, make the most of it!

Get out and play!

What are your reasons for living the lifestyle you currently are? Leave us a comment in the box below, on our Facebook Page, or Tweet Us! Until next time, stay fit my friends…

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