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Superset Back and Tricep Workout

Back Supersets Give You Wings

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Again, just as a reminder from my prior blog post on Superset Chest and Biceps Workout, here is what a superset consists of:

What is a Superset?

A superset workout is a form of strength training in which you move from one exercise directly into another, without any breaks.

Supersets can be done in two very different ways.

  1. You can performs supersets on opposing muscle groups.  For example, you do lat pull downs (which activates the back) and you immediately jump into a superset of tricep push downs (which activates the triceps).
  2. You can also perform supersets on the same muscle group.   For example, you do side lateral raises, immediately followed by front lateral raises.

Why Perform Supersets?

Because, like me, you are probably short on time.  You may be away from home, on the road, or just trying to fit that workout into your busy work schedule.  Supersets allow you to get a workout done in anywhere from 30-40 minutes.

Now, unlike my shoulder superset workout where we only performed shoulder exercises, in this workout we are going to pair back and biceps together.

Why Pair Back and Triceps?

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Well, most people would perform back and biceps and the thought behind that is typically this: you are already working your biceps during back exercises, so it would make sense to work biceps with your back.

I say no to that!  If you want big, muscular arms, you want to work your triceps separately.  Your triceps can take a lot of abuse, for that reason I like to work them our separately on a day where I do back exercises, so I perform a Back/Tricep split…

Working your chest and your biceps gets the blood pumping to the front of your body, in your chest and in your biceps.  Working your back and triceps gets the blood pumping to the back of your body…

Also, since your biceps work a lot in back movements, it gives you the chance to hit your biceps twice in a week, one directly and one indirectly.  The same goes for triceps, since they are used on chest movements.

That’s my logic, whether it really makes scientific sense or not, it works for me!

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Alright already!  Give me the goods…

Without further wait, here is the Trip Fitness approved Back and Tricep superset workout!

In this workout, you will perform supersets on multiple sets which include both back and tricep workouts.  This whole workout WILL NOT be performed as a circuit, only the specific sets.

If you have any questions on what a particular movement is, I would recommend checking out JEFIT for workout examples.

Warm Up Superset:  3-4 supersets (Perform the first back exercise, then move directly into the tricep exercise and finish out with the last back exercise, all without rest)

  • Wide Grip Lat Pulldown – 10 repetitions
  • Machine Tricep Extension – 10 repetitions
  • Cable Seated Row – 10 repetitions

Major Working Set: 4 supersets (In this one, you will perform the workouts in a circuit, performing one exercise set followed immediately by the other exercise set until all exercise sets are complete.  That is considered one superset.  Perform them in exactly the order I recommend below.)

  • Cable Standing Tricep Extensions (w/ rope attachment) – 8-10 repetitions
  • Pullups (either body weight or assisted) – 10-12 repetitions or however many you can perform to failure
  • Cable Tricep V-Bar Push Downs – 10-12 repetitions
  • Cable Close Grip Pull Down – 10-12 repetitions

That is considered to be one superset.  Catch your breath, gather your strength and go after three more sets…  If you can!

Finishing Superset:  3-4 supersets   (Some may choose to perform deadlifts first in their routines, I enjoy them as a finishing set)

In this finishing set, you will perform completely exhaust your back by doing deadlifts and finish off with as many bench dips as you can until failure.

  • Barbell Deadlifts – 8-10 repetitions
  • Bench Dips – as many repetitions as you can perform until failure

Once you finish three to four supersets of this finishing workout, you can consider yourself one bad mo-fo!

Speaking of Being a Bad Mo-Fo…

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Exhaustion Superset: 2-3 Supersets (If the above sets are just not enough and you want more punishment, sometimes I will add in the following to completely exhaust my back and triceps.)

  • Straight Arm Cable Push Downs – Until Failure
  • Underhanded Cable Tricep Extensions – Until Failure

This workout will probably be pretty hard for a beginner, and even intermediate people.  I would recommend starting lighter than you normally would with weights.

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Well, did you try the workout?  How was it?

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