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Low Carb Sample Diet

In my last Trip Fitness article, I provided my readers with a Low Carb Food List which would help out during the low carb period of a carb cycling diet. Today I want to provide my readers with a simple, low carb sample diet which fits right into a carb cycling diet.personalfitness

This sample diet is based around being able to eat five meals per day. I understand that not everyone can easily eat and prepare five meals a day while on the go, but if you prepare lunch, snacks and dinner in bulk on Sunday, you can eat for the following week just by heating up your meals. Breakfast is the only meal that you would need to prepare each day. On Sunday, you can make salads in advance, boil a dozen eggs, cook up a pound of ground beef and separate everything into their own meal-sized Tupperware containers for a week’s worth of daily low carb meals!

You can also use liquid egg beaters in substitution for whole eggs to help save time (Who enjoys cracking eggs anyway? Darn shells always drop in the pan! Then again… Maybe you are one of those badass one handed egg cracker, people… If so, I am envious!). Substitute the ground beef for any other type of similar portion of beef, pork, turkey, chicken. You can substitute broccoli for other veggies, such as, spinach, brussel sprouts (higher carb content), green beans (higher carb content), or salads (burger salads are delicious; I just had one last week!).

Use my last blog post on Low Carb Foods to help with more substitutions. It’s all about planning ahead and making meals as automated as possible!

The diet below is geared for someone who would weigh at least 180-200 lbs. You can easily reduce the number of eggs and meat portion sizes to lower the overall calories, in order to tailor it around your caloric needs. Remember, Calculating Caloric Requirements is always the first step in a successful diet!

If you need help calculating your BMR, caloric requirements to lose weight, or crafting a diet plan, please Contact Me!

Meal 1 – Breakfast
– 3 Large Whole Eggs
– 1 Cup Spinach
– 1 oz Shredded Cheddar
– 2 oz 80/20 Ground Beef
– 1T Butter
– 2 Fish Oil Caps
Meal 2 – Mid Morning Snack
– 2 Large Hard Boiled Eggs
– 2 ox 80/20 Ground Beef
– 1 oz Cheddar Cheese
– 1 cup Raw Broccoli
Meal 3 – Lunch
– 4 oz Chicken Breast (or Turkey)
– 2 T Ground Flax Seed (adds fiber)
– 2 T Mayo
– 1 cup Broccoli
Meal 4 – Dinner
– 4 oz 80/20 Ground Beef (or any other beef)
– 1 oz Shredded Cheddar
– 2 T Sour Cream
– 2 Cups Romaine (or baby spinach)
– 1T Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing
Meal 5 – Pre Bed Snack
– 1 Scoop of Low Carb Whey Protein
– 2 T Heavy Cream
– 2 T Flax Seed
– 1 T EVOO
– Water
Nutrient Totals
Calories: 2280
Fat: 160g, 62%
Carbohydrates: 35g – 19g Fiber = 16g, 4%
Protein: 167g, 29%

Need help with your own low carb diet? Contact Me!

Check back soon for my next article, where I will provide my readers with a sample carb refeed diet!

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