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Killer Tricep Tri Set Workout!

Tricep Tri Set Workout!

This is the second in my series of tri set workouts.  You can view my bicep tri set workout HERE.

This time, we will focus on triceps and building that killer horseshoe shape that everyone is after.  Let me also throw this out there, this isn’t just for guys…  So, ladies…  Don’t be afraid to perform these exercises also!

What is a Tri Set?

You perform a tri set by choosing a body part that you wish to train and picking three exercises for that body part.  Once you choose the three exercises make sure to use around 60% of your max weight for the lift and make sure you can perform them consecutively.

Why is it Important?

Tri Sets are a forgotten art.  Back in the golden era of bodybuilding, Arnold and the likes would always include Tri Sets into their workout routines.  The explosive growth you can gain from tri sets is only rivaled by super sets.

Not only that, but it is a great way to get a workout done as efficiently as possible, while exhausting your muscles and promoting quick growth!

The Tricep Tri Set:

Three exercises will be chosen for this workout.

  • Heavy Close Grip Bench Press
  • Skull Crushers
  • Rope Push-Downs

In order to perform each tri set round, you will move from one exercise to the next, without rest between.

Rep Scheme:

  • Heavy Close Grip Bench Press (6-8 Reps)
  • Medium Weight Skull Crushers (10-12 Reps)
  • Light Weight Rope Push-Downs (12-15 Reps)

Once you complete the first round, take a 120 sec rest and then begin on your second round.

Perform four total rounds of this tricep tri set!

The Tricep Finisher:

Just when you thought you were done…  You know me…  I love adding finishers to workouts!

Perform one giant set of Tricep Bench Dips to failure.  Go for as many as you can, I usually get around 40 before failing.  How many can you get?

Reference Links:

  1. Close Grip Bench Press Example
  2. Skull Crusher Example
  3. Rope Push-Down Example
  4. Bench Dip Example

Before You Go!

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Until next time…

Stay fit, my friends!

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