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HIIT Cardio for Maximum Fat Loss

HIIT Cardio for Maximum Fat Loss Quickly

In the last Trip Fitness blog post, I discussed Hotel Travel Fitness tips.hiit-cardio

In this blog post, I would like to discuss High Intensity Interval Training and provide some tips on getting the most out of your cardio workout, in the shortest time possible.

I dread cardio!

I hate running!

The treadmill bores me to death…

I don’t have enough time…

Does that sound familiar? If so, join my club!

As my wife says, “The only way I’m running a marathon is if a bear is chasing me.”

Although I personally would love to run a marathon some day, carrying a brown paper bag of groceries, wearing street clothes, the whole time looking very confused and asking other runners/spectators, “What’s happening? Where are we going? Running of the bulls?”

Call me crazy, but for some reason, running my time away like a hampster on a treadmill just doesn’t appeal to me. I tend to always stare at the time remaining, and it feels like watching paint dry! Actually, I’d rather watch paint dry…

Strangely enough though, I could get on my road bike, ride 30 miles and enjoy every minute of it. Some people are just not runners…

If you are a long distance runner, believe me, I’m envious… I wish I could run 10 miles a day and feel great afterwards… I just don’t have the time, nor desire to put a couple hours into my cardio routine per day. Maybe I am just immune to the “runner’s high” that everyone talks about?

Hours of cardio? Ain’t nobody got time for that! (If you’ve seen the bronchitis/building fire, viral video, that joke will make sense…)

The Goal is to Burn Maximum Body Fat in the Shortest Time Possible!

High Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT cardio), also similar to Tabata Training, is a type of cardio that requires you to change resistance and intensity levels every few minutes…

HIIT and Tabata exercise will keep your body guessing what is coming next and will not allow it to adapt to a certain form of cardio.

Since many people are short on time, HIIT and Tabata Training also allows you to get your daily cardio workout done quicker. Usually done within 20-30 mintues. Intensity Intervals provide your body with a metabolic boost which will also provide you with an afterburn of calories.

I believe that the more change you encounter in your cardio program, the greater the fat loss result can be.

HIIT will be grueling. It will kick your butt, make you want to quit, but it does one thing very well; it works! Not only does interval training work, but it will help you burn fat quickly!

Watch a little track and field, or the olympics. What do you see as the difference between a sprinter and a marathon runner? The sprinter is ripped! Usually has a ton of defined muscle and low body fat. On the other hand, marathon runners are extremely skinny and have little muscle mass. (Nothing against you marathon runners, just not my prefered look..)

HIIT involves a lot of intermittent sprinting!


Equipment Used:

Treadmill, Elliptical Machine or Spinning Bike

Trip Fitness HIIT Program:

Lose Body Fat FAST!

Total of 25 minutes of cardio + 5 minutes of cool down time.

    • 3:00 Minutes: – Warm Up – Device of your choice. (This level should be with a slight resistance at a “normal pace”, no exertion required, no incline.

Now the 12 Minute, Fat Blasting, HIIT Cardio Session Begins!

    • 2:00 Minutes: – High Resistance: 75% resistance (high incline on treadmill) – Make yourself struggle with this.
    • 2:00 Minutes: – Low Resistance: 25% resistance (medium incline on treadmill) – Sprint! Max speed your body will allow you to go.
    • 2:00 Minutes: – High Resistance: 75% resistance (no incline)
    • 3:00 Minutes: – Highest Incline: 50% resistance
    • 1:00 Minutes: – No Resistance: All out sprint
    • 2:00 Minutes: – Highest Incline: 75% resistance (you are barely moving the machine)

You can switch machines (if you want) for this next part.

    • 10:00 Minutes: – Regular cardio, no resistance, no inclines, just steady pace.

Cool Down

  • 5:00 Minutes: – Cool Down – Light pace, bringing your heart rate back down, could even use this period as stretching time.

If you are still breathing, still standing, and still reading after performing this workout, CONGRATULATIONS!

This type of interval training may be done up to 5 days per week for maximum fat loss, try to do 3 days per week on a minimum.

Until next time… Stay fit my friends! Contact Me if you have any questions or I can help!

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If you tried this workout, let us know the results! If you’re excited to try it, let us know!

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