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Healthy Fast Food Meal Options

In the previous Trip Fitness blog post, I provided you with 10 Time Saving Tips at the gym.

Today, I want to provide you with healthy fast food options while on the go.healthy-fast-food

Healthy Fast Food??

Everyone gets busy from time to time and we can’t always stop in at a sit down restaurant to find a healthy meal. Sometimes while on the road, you have no other option than fast food and the drive thru… Well, you’re in luck. Over my years of being a road warrior and traveling the mid west, I have gathered up a list of my favorite travel stops to find healthy fast food options (I know, sounds like an oxymoron).

Fast food places get bad reputations due to the super-sized bucket of fries and giant soft drinks. Surprisingly, if you look hard enough, there are somewhat healthy options to help you stick to your diet and fitness plan even at fast food restaurants!

Here is a couple quick tips while looking at a fast food menu:

  • Stay away from fried or breaded chicken. Just because it is chicken, doesn’t mean it is healthy.
  • Look for grilled chicken options. Grilled chicken salads and sandwiches are fair choices.
  • ALWAYS SUBSTITUTE the French fries for a SIDE SALAD. French fries are ridiculously high in calorie content and unwanted fats/carbs.
  • If you crave a burger, save on carbs and calories by removing the bun on hamburgers. When I get a burger craving, I get the burger and a side salad, remove the bun, cut up the burger and throw it on the side salad. VIOLIA! Burger in a bowl!
  • Focus your vision on the salad section and try not to stray to the “extra fat, non-value” meals. Just be aware that some salads are ridiculously high in calories, sodium, and carbs. Just read the ingredients carefully and make a smart, healthy choice…
  • Plan your meal prior to stopping. If you are starving, think about what you want to order in advance, before looking at the menu… This will help you with will power when you’re staring at a menu of delicious super-sized, fat laden, meals!

Throughout my daily travels, these are some of the options I try to have while on the road, stopping for a quick bite to eat. They are in no particular order. Below are the fast food restaurants and a healthy option or two…

Jimmy John’s – The best thing about Jimmy John’s is that they offer every sandwich in a lettuce wrap!

  • Choose your favorite sandwich on a lettuce wrap and save the carbs!

Chick Fil-A – I love Chick Fil-A! I don’t know of many other fast food places that offer whole wheat buns!

  • Chargrilled Chicken Garden Salad
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich on Wheat Bun (I’d remove half the bun, but I’m weird like that)
  • The Carrot & Raisin Salad or Fruit Cup is a good side choice

Subway – Of course a very healthy choice. I follow a low carb lifestyle, so I usually stick with one of their double meat salads and load up the veggies.

  • My favorite, a Double Meat, spinach salad with all the fixin’s and oil/vinegar
  • 6” Turkey or Roasted Chicken Sub on Wheat (take a tip from the Biggest Loser and ask them to pull out the center of the bread to save on carbs). Thanks to my sister Jenelle for that tip!
  • Check out the 6g of fat or less section for more choices
  • They also have good flat bread Omelet Sandwiches for breakfast
  • Subway soups are a decent, low calorie choice on a cold day…

Panera Bread – By far one of my favorite quick restaurants for a healthy choice. Panera has a ton of salad options and healthy sandwich choices.

  • A salad with some sort of protein (meat), watch out for any calorie dense dressings and candied nuts/croutons.
  • Broccoli Cheddar soup cup.
  • Opt for the apple as the side, not the chips or baguette.
  • Plan ahead, go online to the Panera Bread website and head over to the Panera Nutrition Section. Use their Nutrition Calculator to fit foods in to your healthy lifestyle.

Kentucky Fried Chicken – Not a ton of healthy choices, but I do have a couple staples.

  • Save calories, carbs, and fat by going with a GRILLED chicken meal. Opt for green beans as a side.
  • Roasted Caesar Salad

McDonalds – Probably not the best choice for healthy options, but there are a few decent choices…

I love how they have begun adding calorie content to their meals. Some are scary!

  • Grilled chicken on your salad or sandwich (I’d remove the top half, if not all, of the bun.)
  • Small side salad to any meal.
  • The Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap is a fair choice…

Burger King – Not many great options…

  • Tendergrill Chicken Salad

Wendy’s – They have some, but not many healthy choices.

  • Chicken BLT Cobb Salad
  • Small Cup of Chili
  • Ultimate Chicken Grill (again, I’d remove at least half the bun)
  • Grilled Chicken Go Wraps are a fair choice…

Chipotle – Hard to find something low carb and healthy at a Mexican food joint…

  • Burrito Bowl. Double the veggies, no rice, no beans, chicken or steak, a little guacamole and a dab of sour cream. One of my favorites!

Taco Bell – Not many healthy options, but Fresco Style is your best bet.

The “Drive Through Diet” makes me laugh… I can appreciate clever marketing though.

  • Hard Shell Fresco Style Taco

That’s my roundup of Trip Fitness approved, healthy fast food meal choices. Use my quick tips above and stick to your diet even while at the drive through! Until next time, stay fit my friends…

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