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Gym-Less Fat Loss Challenge: Week 2 Review

Half Steam Ahead!

That’s right, half steam…  My results on the gym-less fat loss challenge have been what I’ve expected.  I am continuing to lose weight every week and progress is coming along just fine.  The problem is, I am not okay with “just fine” results…  I know I can continue to get in shape quicker if I correct a few items.

Gym Less Fat Loss Half Steam


Week In Review:

The week of August 19-26th, I slowly moved even more in the right direction.  On the 19th I weighed in at 196.6 lbs (down -3lbs from the prior week).

I weighed in again on August 27th at 195.2lbs.  I have lost -4.4lbs in two weeks which ends up being an average of 2.2 pounds per week.  1.5-3 pounds per week has been my overall goal since the beginning of this fat loss challenge.

Here is a side by side comparison from the beginning of the challenge, until August 27th…

Fat Loss Challenge Results

It doesn’t look like a huge difference, but my overall measurements have progressed well also.

  • Waistline measurement: -1.00″
  • Abdomen measurement: -0.75″
  • Body Fat estimation: From 18.4% down to 16.9% = -1.5%
  • Weight lost: -4.4 lbs


I am currently frustrated with my level of motivation.  It feels like work has been extra busy and there has been a ton of additional family functions happening.  I haven’t really focused strongly on working out as I used to.  I will be honest also, I miss the gym…

When I have to physically leave the house in order to go to the gym and work out, it makes the decision to commit, much easier.  I have found that the hardest part about going to the gym, is actually deciding to go…  Once you decide to go, the rest is easy.

I am using only kettlebells, family activities, and road cycling to perform this challenge.  Lately, it seems like a struggle to walk out to the garage and get a quick workout in.  Luckily my diet has been pretty good for the past week.  (Until yesterday where I went to a family birthday and had sloppy joes, cake, and ice cream!  I love sloppy joes and you probably know by now that ice cream is my kryptonite…)


  • Performed two HIIT Kettlebell sessions last week.
  • Took an 9 mile bike ride last week.
  • Went for a hike through the sand dunes, to the beach with my wife and three daughters.  I had an additional 30lbs on my back…
Family Hike

This is my two year old, Harper…


My diet has been fairly solid.  Remember, I do believe in cheat meals, so I have one every week.  Although, sometimes it turns into a cheat day…

  • Performed Intermittent Fasting 5 days out of the week.
  • Had either a grilled chicken/steak salad every time I went out with my distributors for a business lunch.
  • Cooked at home often.  (Steak and veggies one day, chicken and veggies another, and left overs here and there…)
  • Went to my favorite mexican food joint after my daughter’s school open house.
    • This is my mexican staple: Grilled chicken taco salad, no rice, no beans, double the veggies with guacamole!

Future Plans:

  • Increased Kettlebell workouts
  • Minimum of 40 miles on the bike
  • 1-2 sprint sessions each week
  • New body weight exercises

Lastly, I will be changing my measurement and photo timing.  I have been weighing in on Mondays of every week lately.

The problem with Monday is that I tend to still be holding some water weight from the weekend due to my timing of cheat meals on the weekend.  I will be changing my progress photos and measurements to Friday mornings.  I typically eat well throughout the week, so Friday will be a true measurement of my progress.

There will not be a week three update, I will update this again next Saturday, 9/7.

Hopefully the next update will be titled Full Steam Ahead!

How about you?  How is your progress coming along?  Let’s motivate each other!  Leave a comment in the boxes below with your overall progress.

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Until next time…  Stay fit, my friends!



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