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Trip Fitness Shredded Program


With the summer months only a few months out, I’m pleased to announce my latest workout program, the Trip Fitness Shredded Program!  This program is designed to put your body into fat burning mode while creating a lean, toned, and muscle defined body you’ve always sought after!

Building Off Prior Success!

This program builds off of the success of my 12 Week Muscle Gain Program that I launched early in January of this year.

Here’s what clients of the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program have said so far:

“I am on week three. I can’t believe how much muscle definition I have already!!! Im so excited. Best thing I ever did for my fitness was buy your program. Thank you thank you thank you.” – Nancy M
“Kicking ass and taking names!  I am now up to 50 POUND BARBELL for dead lifts!  I started out at 10 three weeks ago – bam!” – Beth V
“Your program has changed my life!” – Jaclyn H
“Dude!  This program kicks ass!  I’m getting stronger every week!!” – Donald J
I personally use every program that I put together prior to releasing any of them.  My 12 Week Muscle Gain Program put me in a position to Deadlift 405 lbs, Rack Pull 485 lbs, and set me up for PR’s on Squat and Bench Press!  I have taken the strength and muscle gains from that program, and am moving into a more hypertrophy based program that will rev my metabolism and help shed body fat, while at the same time, creating muscle definition that I’ve never had before.

What Is The Shredded Program?

The Shredded Program is a 16 week, (yes, that’s 4 months) program designed around (4) four week phases.  There are two completely separate workout groups, Workout A and Workout B.  Each workout group is set up into a body split workout.

Workout Group A will be done on odd weeks and Workout Group B will be done on even weeks.

With this program, I suggest that you workout 5 days per week, but I understand that for some people that may prove to be difficult.  You can actually pair this workout down to four days per week by combining the Arms & Calves workout into another muscle group if you feel necessary.

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Why a 16 Week Program?

The reasoning behind a 16 Week Program is that I am not the type of person to ever look for a quick fix.  If you are that person, you might want to leave now and head over to Muscle and Fitness Magazine for their latest Hollywood Diet and Workout Trend…  If you’re not a quick fix person, and are looking for a program that you can commit to which works, keep reading!

I am posting this late in March.  For most folks in the country, Summer weather starts in June.  This gives you between 8-10 weeks to get started.  Within 6 weeks, you will start seeing some major body changes.  At 8 weeks, you will have a solid base and really start seeing major results.  At 12 Weeks, you will be into summer.  You wouldn’t want to stop working out in summer, would you?  NO!  So this program takes you deep into summer, so you can maintain the muscle definition you are after!

Makes sense now, doesn’t it?

The real beauty of this program is that it can also be split into two separate 8 week programs based on the way it is laid out.

How’s It Work?

As I mentioned, this program is broken up into four mesophases which each last for four weeks.  Each workout should take between 45 minutes to around 1 hour and can be done on your lunch break if you need to.  If you’re taking longer than 1.5 hours at the gym, chances are, you are wasting time talking, texting, or gawking at the hot girl/guy across the way…

Mesophases 1 & 3: Volume :  This is a uniquely set up volume based program where our goal is to increase the number of sets each week.  We start with lower volume, lighter workouts with only a couple sets and we top out on the fourth week with 5 sets with heavier weights.  As the weight increases, the reps decrease.

Mesophases 2 & 4: Reverse Volume: During this unique mesophase, we will reverse the prior weeks system and start with higher volume.  Instead of starting with lighter weights as we did in the prior weeks, we will flip the script and continue with heavier weights / lower reps, and decrease the weight while increasing the number of sets.  We will work from 5 sets on week one, down to two sets on week four.

  • By including higher rep, lighter weight sets, this attacks the hypertrophy phase of muscle definition.
  • By including lower rep, heavier weight sets, this allows you to maintain the strength you have worked hard to build!

Who’s It For?

This program is set up like my other muscle gain program, where it starts out lighter, with less sets (good for beginners) and builds up to intense workouts with 5 sets!  For this reason, it is great for beginners, intermediates, and advanced gym goers!  I specifically wanted to tailor this program around targeting a larger audience…

  • Beginner To Weight Training: This program starts out slow and ramps up over four weeks, allowing you to learn movements if you need to and get your body ready for the more difficult workouts to come.
  • Advanced Weightlifters: Even the folks that have been lifting all their lives need motivation and direction.  I have found that if I follow someone else’s program, I usually have great success.  When it is your own program, you may tend to want to “tweak” and change things as they go, instead of following a proven course!
  • Men and Women:  Surprisingly, I have sold a ton of 12 Week Muscle Gain Programs to ladies looking to build a strong foundation of strength and as you can see in the testimonials above, they have been having great success!  So, this program is not just for men, women will earn the best body of their lives with this program, just like the men will.
  • Getting Back In Shape: Many people tend to fall off the wagon, but quickly realize that the warm season is coming and they want to feel comfortable at the beach or the water park with their kids.  Well this program will give you the foundation you need and help you attain the body you are looking for.

What Do You Get?

  • A complete five page Getting Started Guide.
  • A spreadsheet that includes my exclusive progress tracking graph to keep visual tabs on you progress throughout the program.
  • All 16 weeks of workouts, detailed out on a highly editable excel sheet, formatted for easy printing to help you take it to the gym with you.
  • Complete access to my private Trip Fitness email for any and all questions you may have.  If you ask my prior clients from the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program, they will tell you I get back to them the same day and even within hours (even minutes sometimes).  We also keep in touch throughout the program to discuss how their progress is going.

The ‘Shred Is On Me’ Guarantee

As with all my programs, I am offering a 45 Day, 100% money back guarantee!

Shred Is On Me Guarantee

All I ask is for you to give the program an honest try.  Document your progress with weekly pictures, keep your progress on the tracking spreadsheet, and meet the requirement of 4-5 days per week in the gym.  If it’s not working for you, tell me within 45 days and I will refund your money – no questions asked.

Note: This guarantee is based off the honor system.  Please don’t abuse it.  That’s just not cool…  

Get Ready to Get Shredded!

Check this out, a typical personal trainer is going to charge you between $60-100 PER HOUR!  If you went to the gym to work out with a trainer just four times per week, you would end up spending $400 per month, just on personal training!

With this program, you get personal access to myself.  Any time of the day.  I will answer your questions and assist you with any program modifications you may need.

Plus, I guarantee results within 45 days!

Get Shredded For Summer Break Sale!!

Until August 31st, 2017, I am offering a huge “get ready for summer” discount to get you on track with your 2017 fitness goals!!  If you use promo code: SHREDDED by August 31st, 2017, you will receive a 63% discount off the Retail price of $79.97!

Get the complete 16 week program for only $29.97!!!

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What do you have to lose?

As always, feel free to use the contact form on here to reach out to me prior to any purchase.  I want to make sure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into prior to purchasing it!

Until next time…

Stay fit, my friends.


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