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Don’t Leave Your Fitness Regimen at Home! 7 Tips to Maintain Your Fitness While on the Road…

Who is That Staring Back?

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Do you ever look in the mirror and begin to wonder where your younger, slimmer, more athletic self went?

Well if so, join the club!

I am a salesman and I manage a sales territory that spans eight states throughout the Midwest.  As you can imagine, my job requires an extensive amount of travel.  I am away from home between two and three nights every week.  Hotels become my second home.  My company car which I put about 50,000 miles per year on becomes my mobile office.  I guess you could say that I am a Road Warrior.

Take Your Fitness Regimen With You!

The problem with frequent travel is trying to maintain the same type of fitness routine you do at home, but now while on the road.  Let’s face it; fitness isn’t always a top priority when you are busy traveling.  There are other things to take care of such as, what type of appetizer you should get during your business meeting, or what beer the local bar has on tap, or dang that fudge brownie earthquake ala mode sure looks good!

It becomes extremely easy to find yourself in a fat trap, if you’re not careful.  Throughout my traveling sales career, I found this out the hard way.  I found out that, unlike my college years, I could no longer eat everything I wanted and drink beer with every meal, without some major consequences.  By the time I realized it, I was almost 230lbs and 50lbs over my college weight.  Unfortunately, none of it was muscle gain.

Does any of this sound familiar?

7 Tips to Change Your Habits and Physique

You’re in luck!  Not only have I learned the hard way, what it is like to put on 50lbs, but I have also learned the hard way, how to take off over 34 pounds (and counting) of the travel weight gain.

Here are a few simple steps that I found helpful when trying to get back into my old healthy lifestyle:

  1. Track everything you eat! I mean EVERYTHING!  Yes, it is a pain in the ass, but it is very valuable.  Pick a good daily food tracker and learn how to use it.  You can use an app such as MyFitnessPal on your smart phone, or on their website.  You will be amazed how many calories are in your favorite foods.  You will also be amazed by how many calories you actually consume in a typical week.  It takes about a month of food tracking before you can begin looking at a cut of meat and estimate how many ounces it is…
  2. Eat like the person you want to become.
    1. If you weigh 230lbs, but want your goal weight to be 185lbs, eat like a 185lb person.
    2. Understand how many calories a 185lb person requires to strictly maintain their weight, based off your activity level.
  3. Be creative at hotels.
    1. Pack workout bands as a backup plan if the onsite fitness center doesn’t have free weights.  TRX is a little pricey, but a damn good and portable way to stay fit!  Check it out here>> – Exercises that Build Power, Strength, Flexibility, Balance, and Mobility! Click here!
    2. Pack a jump rope as a backup plan in case the cardio equipment in the fitness center is ancient.  I like speed ropes like this one >>Fast Cable Speed Rope
    3. Your bodyweight makes a fantastic total body workout if used correctly. Bodyweight workouts can be done in the comfort of your hotel room, in as little as 25 minutes.  (stay tuned for a follow up post where I will give you a good bodyweight workout you can do anywhere)
  4. Substitute French fries, mashed potatoes, and any other fried sides, for broccoli, green beans, or another green vegetable while eating at a restaurant.
    1. A cup of broccoli has only approximately 50 calories! Compare that to around 250-500 calories in a typical serving of French fries.
  5. Remove all or half of the bun on sandwiches and burgers.
    1. This simple trick can help save you anywhere from 60-200 calories per meal!
  6. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle… The word “diet” gets a bad rap.
    1. Tell someone you are on a diet and they will surely give you advice that their great aunt Suzie, followed to lose 13lbs in six months…
    2. Tell someone that you are just making healthy lifestyle choices and they tend to have a more positive reaction.
  7. Take progress pictures weekly. It is always motivating to look back on your weight loss journey and see how far you have progressed.  Know that the scale will always fluctuate, but the photos will never lie!  On top of that, TOSS THAT STUPID SCALE OUT!  Go by look and feel of your body, not a damn number…
    1. My favorite app is called BodyShot for iOS.  It’s simple and works well.  You can compare your photos side by side…

Just remember, it took a long time to pack on the extra pounds, so do not expect a miracle.  Slow and steady wins the race!  Slowly introduce these tips into your life and weight loss / fitness progress will follow!

Until next time…

Stay fit, my friends!

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  • Ricky

    Hey Zach,
    These are great tips for frequent flyers. Any specific workout routine you would recommend for someone who travel on weekly basis and likes to lift. Looking forward to hear from you.