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Client Testimonial (Anna) – 12 Week Muscle Gain

12 week muscle gain program

The past few months, Anna C. has worked her way through my 12 Week Muscle Gain Program.  She’s shown some great strength and body composition gains throughout the program and liked it so much that she just joined my 16 Week Get Shredded Program!

Here’s how a busy college student was able to balance her tough school schedule and fitness.  She greatly increased her strength and muscle mass while decreasing body fat!

12 Week Muscle Gain Testimonial

anna c before and after

Name:  Anna C.

Gender: Female

Age: 19

1. What was your activity level prior to starting the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program?

(Anna): I lifted about twice per week, played lacrosse and field hockey.

2. What type of weight training did you perform prior to the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program?

(Anna): I mainly used weight machines at my local YMCA, but did squats and curl with free weights.

3. What reservations did you have that would have prevented you from buying the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program?

(Anna): I personally am not good at sticking with programs. I usually quit after two or three weeks, so I was worried I would pay for something I wouldn’t actually finish.

4. What made you pull the trigger and purchase the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program?

(Anna):  I liked that it wasn’t just a program found on some random forum from some random guy.

5. What was the most difficult part about the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program?  How did you overcome this?

(Anna): The most difficult part was fitting it into my schedule, but I went every night after dinner and got into a routine.

6. What specific part did you enjoy most about the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program?

(Anna): I really liked that the exercises changed throughout the 12 weeks so it didn’t get boring.

7. What are three other benefits/goals you realized/met from the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program?

(Anna): Not only did I get stronger, but it improved my time management and my energy levels.

8. What were your results from the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program?  (i.e. weight lost, muscle gained, inches lost, decrease in body fat, etc…)

(Anna): I had a definite increase in muscle mass, and a slight decrease in body fat.

9. Would you recommend this program to a friend?  If so, why?

(Anna): I would 100% recommend this to a friend! In fact, I already have. The program is great for beginners and  practically guarantees results. It is like having a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost.

10. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

(Anna): Thank you for helping me reach my fitness goals!


As you can see, Anna had a pretty tough schedule, but was able to get into a rhythm and make her fitness a habit!  We adjusted the program along the way to fit her needs and also added additional exercises to work on specific goals she had.

If you think the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program isn’t for you, think again…  This program is for everyone and anyone wanting to get into shape.  The program helps create good habits, keeps things fresh by changing every 4 weeks, and has proven results!

Anna’s 8 Week Strength Phase Results:

8 week strength tracking

  • Bench Press:+36%
  • Dead Lift: +74%
  • Squat: +20%
  • DB Shoulder Press: +71%
  • Skull Crushers: +50%
  • Bent Over BB Row: +36%

If these strength increases look unrealistic, just realize that this is extremely common on this program.  Men, women, novices, and intermediates all show these type of increases.  It’s the sign of a program that just plain works…

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foundation of strength

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