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I’m Back and Killing The Fat Man!

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This is something I’ve been needing to do for quite a while.  Swallow my pride and commit.  This is a bit of a confession, but mostly an announcement that Trip Fitness will be back in full force as I find my fitness again!  I’d love for you to follow along… Not a Fraud! My last [...]

Killer Tricep Tri Set Workout!

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Tricep Tri Set Workout! This is the second in my series of tri set workouts.  You can view my bicep tri set workout HERE. This time, we will focus on triceps and building that killer horseshoe shape that everyone is after.  Let me also throw this out there, this isn’t just for guys…  So, ladies… [...]

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Tri Set Bicep Workout for Explosive Growth! Everyone loves the mirror muscles, some more than others…  To me, training arms is something of a necessity and not my favorite way to workout.  I like compound lifts…  Squats, Dead Lifts, and Bench Press type of stuff. I like to train arms quickly and complete exhaustion!  Supersets [...]

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I recently watched an interview on Barbell Shrugged with MusclePharm Co-Founder, Cory Gregory on his Squat Every Day Routine.  If you haven’t seen this yet, it is definitely worth a watch. During this interview, Cory talks about the importance of squatting and why he squats every day.  My absolute favorite quote from this interview is: [...]

Get Shredded Workout Program Launch!


Are You Ready to Get Shredded For Summer?   With the summer months only a few months out, I’m pleased to announce my latest workout program, the Trip Fitness Shredded Program!  This program is designed to put your body into fat burning mode while creating a lean, toned, and muscle defined body you’ve always sought [...]

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How to Set Achievable Goals If you’re in the business world, especially in sales, you know that goals end up becoming the one thing that everything you end up doing revolves around.  There are reasons why business set goals for their divisions.  YOU CANNOT ACHIEVE WHAT YOU ARE NOT MEASURING! The same goes for your [...]

How To Prepare For A Spartan Race

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Spartan Race Preparation My next Spartan Race is the Indianapolis Sprint on May 16th, 2015 which means as of today, I have 16 weeks to train and prepare.  I’m already 6 weeks into part of my training and this year I’m going to attack things differently!  I’m going to actually train with specific goals in mind and [...]

12 Week Muscle Gain Program That Works!

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Gain 12 Pounds of Lean Muscle in 12 Weeks! With the new year, brings a new you!  Just in time for your New Year Resolution to gain muscle and lose fat, I’m launching my first product for sale ever on Trip Fitness.  Trip Fitness has been live for almost two years now and I have [...]

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The Ultimate 3 Day Split Sometimes you get into what I’d call a “fitness rut” and need to switch things up a bit.  Maybe you have been following any of my Super Set Workouts and want to bring a little change into your daily routine.  If so, this three day split mass building workout plan [...]

Take The HIIT Elliptical Climb Challenge

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Let’s Face it…  Cardio Sucks! If you are anything like me, you may hate doing cardio, but the fact is that cardio is the necessary evil for getting your body in top notch shape.  Here’s the thing though, you don’t have to waste hours doing boring and monotonous cardio plans.  HIIT training is the way [...]