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Most Popular Trip Fitness Blog Posts

Sometimes when you read someone’s blog, you just want to get to the best stuff.  The stuff that is the most popular with other readers.  Well, I am exactly the same way, that is the reason that I have put together the most highly trafficked blog posts on my web site.

These posts are the top five with regards to all time page views.  I will add and change this list as posts climb up the rankings.

  1. Beginners Guide to a Spartan Race Sprint  – This post is a review of my experience at the Indiana Spartan Race.  I include tips for other beginners looking to complete their first Spartan Race.
  2. Superset Back and Tricep Workout – This is a simple, time saving, back and tricep workout which focuses on Supersets.
  3. What to Wear For a Spartan Race – Head to toe guide on what to wear for a Spartan Race.
  4. Top 15 Low Carb Snacks – These are my 15 favorite low carb snacks.
  5. Recover From Vacation Weight Gain – Don’t freak out, you can recover from those extra pounds you gained on vacation!


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