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Gym-Less Fat Loss Challenge: Week 1 Review

Fat Loss Challenge Week 1 Hey everyone!  How is your current fat loss challenge going?  I hope everything is working out as planned and that you are losing fat and building muscle!  Just remember, you are doing this for yourself, your children, your family, etc!  You have a huge support network and you should use […]

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Who is Monsanto? And Why You Should Be Worried!

Who the Heck is this Monsanto Character? We all hear about Monsanto this, Monsanto that, Monsanto protests on the news, but do you really know who Monsanto is?  Do you know what they do, and what their history (and future goals) are with our food supply? The question of “who is Monsanto” all depends on […]

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The Trip Fitness Gym-less Fat Loss Challenge

I’ve Been Slacking Lately! This post will be short, sweet, and to the point… Alright everyone, here’s the deal.  I have been slacking lately on my diet and fitness regimen.  Everyone goes through this phase at some point and I am no different. My fitness journey revitalized itself on August 13, 2012.  From August 2012 […]

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I’m proud to announce my first product available for sale!  The Trip Fitness 12 Week Muscle Gain Program is now live and available. 


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How to Recover From Vacation Weight Gain

How can you recover from vacation weight gain? If you have gone on vacation lately, you may realize that it isn’t necessarily hard to eat clean.  The again, you’re on vacation, so that means your diet and fitness are on vacation also!  It becomes very easy to indulge in a “vacation binge fest” where you […]

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The 10 Best iPhone Fitness Apps

Looking for the best iPhone fitness apps to help get to your goals quicker and track your fitness progress? What is the most convenient food journal, workout journal, progress measuring tool, and motivational tool which you always have with you? Your smartphone!  It is by far, the most convenient daily tracker you have at your […]

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