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Superset Back and Tricep Workout

Back Supersets Give You Wings Again, just as a reminder from my prior blog post on Superset Chest and Biceps Workout, here is what a superset consists of: What is a Superset? A superset workout is a form of strength training in which you move from one exercise directly into another, without any breaks. Supersets can […]

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7 Real Reasons Why Low Carb Diets Work! (They’re not what you may think…)

The Truth Behind Low Carb Diet Effectiveness Let me ask you a quick question to start… When is the last time you heard someone say “Hey, I just lost a ton of weight on this high carb diet!”? Now, let me rephrase that question… When is the last time you heard someone say “Hey, I […]

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Is Being Obese Considered the New Norm?

Is Being Obese Considered the New Norm? Lately, during my extensive business travel, I have begun paying more attention to my surroundings.  Typically I either eat dinner with a business colleague from one of my distributors, or I’ll grab a seat at the bar and eat with the rest of the lonely, traveling businessmen and […]

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I’m proud to announce my first product available for sale!  The Trip Fitness 12 Week Muscle Gain Program is now live and available. 


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Gym-Less Fat Loss Challenge: Week 2 Review

Half Steam Ahead! That’s right, half steam…  My results on the gym-less fat loss challenge have been what I’ve expected.  I am continuing to lose weight every week and progress is coming along just fine.  The problem is, I am not okay with “just fine” results…  I know I can continue to get in shape […]

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How to Make the Best Scrambled Eggs of Your Life!

Healthy and Delicious Scrambled Eggs If you find yourself getting sick of eating those same scrambled or fried, plain eggs, then this paleo style scrambled eggs recipe is for you!  Eggs are one of the healthiest, easiest, and most economical foods to eat for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner! I have been in your shoes… […]

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