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My Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe!

My Green Smoothie/Shake I was initially introduced to green smoothies by the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.  Joe actually calls these “Kale Shakes” aka #Hulkloads… I tried Joe’s version…  Although, Joe’s is an extremely healthy recipe, I wasn’t exactly keen on the overall flavor.  I’ve modified his recipe to something more my flavor and think I [&h

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Cardio Programs For People Who Hate Doing Cardio!

Let’s get real for a minute.  I hate doing cardio.  I despise cardio.  Cardio is the MF’ing devil!!  The only way I’m running a marathon is if a bear is chasing my butt down the street! As unfortunate as it is, doing cardio is a must if you’re looking to get rid of that pesky […]

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43 Years Old, No Weightlifting Experience… Now In The Best Shape of Her Life!

How Nancy N. Trasformed Her Body in 12 Weeks! At the age of 43 years old, with no prior weightlifting experience, Nancy jumped head first into the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program!  Nancy came out with a new found love of weightlifitng, lost 12 pounds, dropped 4 inches from her waist, and packed on lean […]

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I’m proud to announce my first product available for sale!  The Trip Fitness 12 Week Muscle Gain Program is now live and available. 


Trip Fitness

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7 Lessons Learned From a Month of CrossFit

What to Expect Joining a CrossFit Box? So, last year I got the bug up my ass to finally get around joining a CrossFit Box.  Up to that point, I’ve been looking into CrossFit for probably a good six months or so and never pulled the trigger.  The moment that finally put me over the edge […]

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Don’t Leave Your Fitness Regimen at Home! 7 Tips to Maintain Your Fitness While on the Road…

Who is That Staring Back?   Do you ever look in the mirror and begin to wonder where your younger, slimmer, more athletic self went? Well if so, join the club! I am a salesman and I manage a sales territory that spans eight states throughout the Midwest.  As you can imagine, my job requires an […]

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