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Top 15 Low Carb Snacks

In the previous Trip Fitness blog post, Zach provided his readers with a Low Carb Sample Diet that he uses as a guideline during his low carb time frame while following a carb cycling diet. In this blog post, I want to help you out with your snack cravings. I have found snack cravings to […]

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Low Carb Sample Diet

In my last Trip Fitness article, I provided my readers with a Low Carb Food List which would help out during the low carb period of a carb cycling diet. Today I want to provide my readers with a simple, low carb sample diet which fits right into a carb cycling diet. This sample diet […]

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Low Carb Food List

Now that I have walked through how to follow a Carb Cycling Diet in my previous blog post, I thought it would be a good time to discuss what types of foods to eat while on the low carb diet period. Below is a complete list of foods you can eat and typical drinks which […]

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Weight Loss Carb Cycling Diet

Carb Cycling For Fat Loss | Low Carb Diets In my previous travel fitness blog article, I discussed Diet Tracking by using a food journal such as MyFitnessPal and also understanding your daily calorie allowance needed to lose weight. I now want to talk about the diet I used to lose more than 30 pounds. […]

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Lose Weight by Tracking Your Food |

Pocket Food Journal | Diet Tracking In my last post, I talked about Taking Weight Loss Progress Photos and Body Measurements during your weight loss journey. While I feel this is still the best route to maintain your motivation during weight loss, I want to shift gears and talk about diet tracking. In this blog […]

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