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I’m Back and Killing The Fat Man!

This is something I’ve been needing to do for quite a while.  Swallow my pride and commit.  This is a bit of a confession, but mostly an announcement that Trip Fitness will be back in full force as I find my fitness again!  I’d love for you to follow along… Not a Fraud! My last […]

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Client Testimonial (Anna) – 12 Week Muscle Gain

The past few months, Anna C. has worked her way through my 12 Week Muscle Gain Program.  She’s shown some great strength and body composition gains throughout the program and liked it so much that she just joined my 16 Week Get Shredded Program! Here’s how a busy college student was able to balance her […]

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Killer Tricep Tri Set Workout!

Tricep Tri Set Workout! This is the second in my series of tri set workouts.  You can view my bicep tri set workout HERE. This time, we will focus on triceps and building that killer horseshoe shape that everyone is after.  Let me also throw this out there, this isn’t just for guys…  So, ladies… […]

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I’m proud to announce my first product available for sale!  The Trip Fitness 12 Week Muscle Gain Program is now live and available. 


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My Favorite Bicep Tri Set for Explosive Growth!

Tri Set Bicep Workout for Explosive Growth! Everyone loves the mirror muscles, some more than others…  To me, training arms is something of a necessity and not my favorite way to workout.  I like compound lifts…  Squats, Dead Lifts, and Bench Press type of stuff. I like to train arms quickly and complete exhaustion!  Supersets […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Your First Float Tank Experience

My First Float Tank Session Yesterday, I had my first float tank session!  I first heard about float tanks/sensory deprivation a couple years ago while listening to the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.  Ever since that time, I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a floatation session. I guess I talked about float tanks enough […]

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