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43 Years Old, No Weightlifting Experience… Now In The Best Shape of Her Life!

How Nancy N. Trasformed Her Body in 12 Weeks!

At the age of 43 years old, with no prior weightlifting experience, Nancy jumped head first into the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program!  Nancy came out with a new found love of weightlifitng, lost 12 pounds, dropped 4 inches from her waist, and packed on lean muscle mass!  Take a look at the side by side image below that she sent me!  The progress pictures speak for themselves!

Before_After Nancy 1 Before_After Nancy 2


10 Questions With Nancy

1. What was your activity level prior to starting the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program?

Prior to this program I was doing yoga 4 times per week, no cardio and no weight training.

2. Wat type of weight training did you perform prior to the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program? (i.e. barbell, machines, cardio only, etc…)

Never did any weight training before the program. Ever.

3. What reservations did you have that would have prevented you from buying the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program?

I reviewed the program a few times before purchase because I was intimated by going to the gym that was full of young buff males. I had never lifted weights before and didn’t know how to use the equipment or how to perform the exercises. I was a middle aged woman who had never stepped foot in a gym.

4. What made you pull the trigger and purchase the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program?

I was looking for a program that would get me stronger to run a spartan race. I was drawn to the fact that Zach had ran a spartan race so I believed in what he was selling. Zach guaranteed his program could get me the results I needed in 12 weeks and he was right!!

5. What was the most difficult part about the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program? How did you overcome this?

Working out after some long 12 hour shifts was challenging for me. Getting to the gym some days was my greatest struggle but getting into the habit of going 4 times a week just became part of my routine.

6. What specific part did you enjoy most about the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program?

The program was easy to follow and got me in and out of the gym usually under an hour. 

7. What are other benefits/goals you realized/met from the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program?

One of my goals with this program was to gain strength to complete the obstacles at spartan. When I started the program I couldn’t even do one pull up. 12 weeks later, I can now do 6 full pull-ups. I feel more confidence in the gym, equipment and exercises.

8. What were your results from the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program?

Lost 12 pounds, gained a lot of muscle. Lost 4 inches from my waist!!!

9. Would you recommend this program to a friend? If so, why?

Yes, Before I started the program I was the biggest I have ever been. I have had 3 children and my metabolism slowed way down once I hit 40. I bought the program to prepare me for a race and now I’m obsessed with lifting. It helps relieve stress and pays you back quickly with positive results if you put in the effort.

10. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

The best part of the program was Zach himself. He believes in his program and now I do as well. He was with me every step if the way. He answered ALL of my questions within 24 hours. He substituted exercises with other options if they were not working for me. He sent me pics/instructions on exercises I didn’t know how to do. He sent me words of encouragement almost every week. He kept me motivated the whole way through because I wanted to impress  him with my progress pictures. I will now be starting his 16 week shredded program and can’t wait to see the transformation in another 4 months.

Thanks Zach!! 43 years old and the best shape of my life because of your program. Can’t thank you enough for your support along the way!! Excited to start the next 16 weeks!

As you can see from Nancy’s progress, following a program and dedicating yourself to a long term plan WORKS!  My action for you today is to join a program, follow a plan, and dedicate yourself!  It doesn’t have to be one of my plans here on Trip Fitness, but I want you to just start following a solid plan!  Prior planning prevents piss poor performance!

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