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25 Minute Beginner Kettlebell Workout

This post is the second part of a series on kettlebells.  You can view the first post which outlines what are kettlebells, where to buy them, and what to look for by clicking the link below.

Beginner Guide to Kettlebells

What’s so good about kettlebells?

Kettlebell On Beach


There is something bad ass and humbling about kettlebells…

  • Kettlebells look evil, it looks like a cannonball with horns.
  • At first sight you may think to yourself, “how can this little kettlebell provide an exhausting workout?”
  • Kettlebells are portable and make a great workout while on the go!
    • Kettlebells are one of the few pieces of workout equipment that you can throw in your trunk which provides a total body workout.
  • Last, but not least…  You don’t use kettlebells…  Kettlebells use you…


If I could do only one, short workout, it would be kettlebell swings!

Kettlebell Swings

 The above photo is a proper kettlebell swing.

Below are a few items to take into account first:

  1. Start with a lighter weight than your ego thinks you should.  Refer to the link at the top of this post for what weight to start with.  (Active men may start with 20-35 lbs and active women may with 10-15 lbs)
  2. Focus on proper form more than anything else.
  3. If it hurts, it’s working…  Okay, seriously, use your judgement…  If you feel pain, stop what you are doing and limp your butt to a doctor.
  4. Speaking of seeing a doctor…  If you are not physically active and don’t already work out, discuss this with your doctor first… (That’s called a Trip Fitness CYA)


Okay, now that I have got that out of the way…  Let’s do this!

Trip Fitness 25 Minute Fat Blasting, Muscle Building, Beginner Kettlebell Workout!

Since this is a beginner workout, it will only entail basic movements that are not difficult to master.  Kettlebell snatches and other more advanced movements will come in a later, more advanced workout.  Master this beginner kettlebell workout prior to moving on towards moves that require more difficulty, agility, and strength.

  • Workout consists of five exercises of ten repetitions each and will be performed as a circuit
    • No rest between exercises (When you finish one exercise, move directly into the next movement until you finish all five movements)
    • Performing all five movements will be considered as one set
  • Perform 3-4 sets of this kettlebell circuit depending on your physical ability
    • You may rest 2-3 minutes between each circuit (Rest as long as you need to catch your breath)

The Kettlebell Movements:

(Under each movement is a photo of how to properly perform the exercise)

1. Kettlebell Swings (10 repetitions)









2. Kettlebell Bent Lat Row (10 repetitions per arm)

Kettlebell Row





3. Kettlebell Figure Eights (5 full figure eights for each direction)

Kettlebell Figure Eight







4. Kettlebell Squats (10 repetitions)

Kettlebell Squat









5. Kettlebell Overhead Press (10 repetitions per arm)

Kettlebell Overhead Press









After performing the five workouts, you have now completed one “set”.  (Now go rest (or puke) for a 60-180 seconds and get back to work!) 

Perform at least three sets, or if you’re a bad ass, perform all four!

Did you try this workout?  Plan to try it?  Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think or feel free to ask me a question!  I want to hear from you!


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