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12 week muscle gain program

Gain 12 Pounds of Lean Muscle in 12 Weeks!

12 week muscle gain program

With the new year, brings a new you!  Just in time for your New Year Resolution to gain muscle and lose fat, I’m launching my first product for sale ever on Trip Fitness.  Trip Fitness has been live for almost two years now and I have always provided everything on here free of charge.  This one is worth every dime!

It’s Special!

This program is special to me.  I have created it with only my audience in mind.

  1. Over the years Trip Fitness has been live, I have documented questions, comments, and everything in between to see what will benefit my audience the most.
  2. Most people have asked me about spartan race training, getting fit within 2-3 months and what exercise program works best to get in shape quickly.
  3. This 12 week muscle gain program is the brain child of my years of writing and building Trip Fitness.

Why 12 Weeks?

I chose 12 weeks because this is the best amount of time to show strong results.  I could have launched some sort of month-long program that would appeal to certain people, but I’m not after those people.  I’m after my loyal readers, fellow spartan racers, and people who want to commit to something for the long term to see their best results.

Who is it For?

The unique thing about this program is that it will be geared towards multiple people:

First question is: Are you able to work out ONLY four days per week??  If you answered yes, move on!

  • Newbies to weight training – it starts gradual and gets intense as weeks go on.
  • Women and Men – there is no bias in this program.  The exercises in the 12 week program will give women the bikini body they are after, and the men will be confident enough to go to the beach with their shirt off!
  • Intermediate Weight Lifters – these are the people that have been in the gym already, but their lifts are getting stagnant and they’ve hit a plateau, needing to shake up their routine a bit.
  • Those That “Fell Off the Wagon” – these are the people that used to work out in the past, but whether it was being a busy mom/dad, work, or just life getting in the way, they have fallen off the work out wagon and need some help getting back up.
  • The Average Joe/Jane – you don’t need to be a greek god or godess to see legit gains from this program.
  • Obstacle Course Training – If you have at least 12 weeks until your next Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, etc…  This program works great to build a foundation of strength, get rid of excess body fat (which holds you back in OCR’s) and then get you conditioned towards the end of the program.

Bottom line – This 12 week muscle gain program is for everyone from the average Joe, the busy mom, the working dad, the intermediate weight lifters, and even those training for a Spartan Race or other Obstacle Races!

How’s it Work?

This 12 week program is broke down into three phases.  One new phase occurs every month.  Within that month, you will be striving for new gains every week.  Changing phases each month is the main key to serious muscle gain and fat loss over the 12 week program!  This plan keeps your body guessing what may come next!

While this program absolutely works best as the complete 12 weeks, the best part is that each phase can also stand alone.  The benefit of that is, if you don’t have a full 12 week until your next goal, you can break apart the Phases and train for your particular goal.

The three phases are:

  1. Volume – During this phase you will add volume to every week, starting with a couple sets each, moving into 5 complete sets for each exercise!  The best part of this phase is that it adds amazing strength and lean body mass (due to hypertrophy) while slowly progressing into further intensity.
  2. Intensity – During this phase you will work your way to a 2 rep max (building explosive strength) over a 4 week period.  We will also begin working each body part twice per week, further expanding your strength and muscle gains!
  3. Frequency – I consider this phase the body recomp phase (switching fat for muscle).  This is point where we begin burning body fat even more intense and greatly improve your physical conditioning.  We will work body parts more frequently with unique total body workouts!

What’s in it?

  • This program comes in a highly editable, excel format which I have pre-arranged every single workout for you to follow.
  • There are 12 weeks worth of workouts on 12 separate sheets included.
  • Workouts are detailed every week on what you need to focus on, set ranges and defined rep ranges.
  • The pages have been optimized to print to a single page so you can take it into the gym with you and use it as a journal to record your progress.
  • I have also added a new progress tracking feature which will track your maximum lifts for the “big three”, Squats, Dead Lift, and Bench Press.  This provides visual access to your three key strength lifts and helps you keep track of your lifting progress.

Why You Need It?

  1. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance
    • In order to meet a goal, you have to plan your work and work your plan.
  2. You end up wandering the gym without it…
    • I see it so often and also do it myself…  Without a true workout plan, you will wander the gym, waste time, and certainly will not meet your goals!
    • You will find that your workouts become extremely efficient, you get in and out of the gym in 45 mins – 1 hour
  3. Everything is laid out for 12 weeks, all you do is follow the plan!
    • It makes working out easy.  You print off you week’s plan prior to getting into the gym, follow it, record your progress, and go.
  4. Do you have commitment issues?  Scared to commit to the full 12 weeks?
    • I can tell you from my own experience, commitment issues usually stem from a couple things…  1. Lack of a plan.  2. Lack of visual progress.
    • This 12 week plan overcomes each of those obstacles.
      • With this plan, the moment you walk into the gym, you know exactly what you need to do!
      • You have the workout of the day planned out from exercises, to sets, to repetitions!
  5. It creates a HABIT of going to the gym!
    • I have used this plan to re-dedicate myself to fitness.  I haven’t missed a week of workouts since having this plan.  I have goals I want to meet and see that this plan is getting me closer with every workout.
  6. It’s proven!
    • As you can see by my progress in the update below, this 12 week plan just plain works, and works well…

Client Testimonials!

Here’s what clients of the 12 Week Muscle Gain Program have said so far:

“I am on week three. I can’t believe how much muscle definition I have already!!! Im so excited. Best thing I ever did for my fitness was buy your program. Thank you thank you thank you.” – Nancy N
“Kicking ass and taking names!  I am now up to 50 POUND BARBELL for dead lifts!  I started out at 10 three weeks ago – bam!” – Beth V
“Your program has changed my life!” – Jaclyn H
“Dude!  This program kicks ass!  I’m getting stronger every week!!” – Donald J
You can check out a detailed review of this program with Nancy N and how she went from never working out, never lifting weights, to transforming her body in 12 weeks and now lifts with “the boys.”  
Another client testimonial from Anna C and how she lost body fat and gain muscle/strength that she never had before!

UPDATE Jan. 10th: My First 4 Weeks!

I have been on this 12 week fitness program for a total of four weeks now.  Check out the photo below of the automatic charting feature you will get when you purchase the program!  This chart auto updates every week once you log your workouts in the spread sheet.  This is an awesome feature that will help put everything in perspective for you.

My four week gains are pretty awesome so far, if I don’t say so myself…

  1. Bench Press is up 20 pounds or 11% total!
  2. Dead Lift is up 130 pounds or 70% total!
  3. Squat is up 70 pounds or 45% total!

Zach's 4 Week Progress Chart

UPDATE Feb. 11th: My First 8 Weeks!

I have now been on the 12 week program for a total of 8 weeks and I’ve broken a ton of personal records!

I’m seriously impressed by how much progress this program has allowed me to make over only 8 weeks…

Below is the progress I have made from Weeks 5-8.  I BEAT MY DEAD LIFT GOAL & HIT 405 LBS!!

  1. Bench Press is up 42% total!
  2. Dead Lift is up 42% total!
  3. Squat is up 38% total!

8 week progress img
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Update: Total Progress Over 8 Weeks!

Since week one, my major lift increases are pretty crazy…

  1. Bench Press: Increased by a total of 60 pounds!
  2. Dead Lift: Increased by a total of 220 pounds! (This is not normal!)
  3. Squat: Increased by a total of 100 pounds!

total 8 week progress major lift img

Update: Total Progress Over 12 Weeks!

As you can see, instead of full conventional dead lifts, weeks 9-12 switch to rack dead lifts.  I almost hit 500 lbs!!

  1. Rack Dead Lift: Increased by 170 lbs!
  2. Squat: Increased by 40 lbs, up 10 more pounds from my 8 week max!

Week 12 Progress Chart

There’s More!!

  • Once a fair amount of people have joined the program, I will be setting up a private Facebook group to help support each other and I will answer questions!
  • If you commit to document your journey by taking weekly progress pictures (for your own records) and use the spreadsheet to update your workouts, you will get unlimited access to my private email, where I will help you along the way with any questions or modifications to the program!
  • I will provide you with access to multiple cardio programs to help blast that fat away even faster!  Just shoot me an email (provided in the thank you email I personally send) after downloading the plan and I will put them in your hands!

The ‘Gains Are On Me’ Guarantee!

I’m offering a 45 day guarantee or 100% of your money back!  That is how much I believe in this program!

Money back guarantee img

All I ask is for you to give the program an honest try.  Document your progress with weekly pictures, keep your progress on the tracking spreadsheet, and meet the requirement of four days per week in the gym.  If it’s not working for you, tell me within 45 days and I will refund your money – no questions asked.

Note: This guarantee is based off the honor system.  Please don’t abuse it.  That’s just not cool…  


Other than stubborn fat…

Say Goodbye to the Old You!

Here’s the deal, this program should easily be worth at least $10/week, wouldn’t you think?  I surely think that this fitness plan would be worth every dime of $120!  It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket and on your computer.  Keep in mind, to go to any decent personal trainer, you would be easily spending $75-150 per session!  At that rate, training 2-3 days per week is going to run you anywhere from $600-1800 per month!

I then decided that it should be worth at least $5/week, or $60!  Which is extremely fair!

Well, that is the price I have decided makes the most sense for both of us!  I want to be fair to both you and myself with all the effort which will be going into the post purchase support I will be providing.

New Year Muscle Gain Sale!

UPDATE: I just decided to slash the price even further!  If you purchase prior to March 31, 2019, I am slashing that price from $5/week or $60, down to less than $2/week, it’s on sale for only $24.97 to help you prepare for summer!!!!!

PROMO CODE:  Use promo code GOALS at checkout, and you will get the complete 12 week muscle gain program for 66% off regular price!  Was $59.97, NOW $24.97!

I’d say that’s a GREAT DEAL if you ask me!

12 Week Headline

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Until next time…

Stay fit, my friends!


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